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(continued) this is a list of Internet sites of some of the most widespread computer magazines: 
(the verification of links on this page is still in progress...) 
Palmtop-Pro (Germany) -  
Paperinik -  
PC Action (Italy) -  
PC AI -  
PC Computing -  
PC Advisor Magazine idg -  
PC Basics idg -  
PC Dealer -  
PC Direct (UK) -  
PC Extra (Sweden) -  
PC for alla (Sweden) -  
PC Format -  
PC Format (Sweden) -  
PC Gamer (Sweden) -  
PC Gaming World -  
PC Graphics Video -  
PC Hemma (Sweden) -  
PC Magazin (Germany) -  
PC Magazine (Italy) -  
PC Magazine (UK) -  
PC MOBIL - mobile communications 
PC Online (Germany) -  
PC Open (Italy) -  
PC Plus -  
PC Plus (Sweden) -  
PC Pratico (Italy) -  
PC Praxis (Germany) -  
PC Professionell (Germany) zd -  
PC Techniques Magazine -   
PC Today -  
PC Upgrade -  
PC User (Australia) - computers 
PC Week** -  
PC Week (Australia) -  
PC Week (Italy) -  
PC Welt (Germany) -  
PC World (Australia) -  
PC World (Hong Kong) -  
PC World (UK) -  
PC World (Italy) -  
PC Works idg -  
PCWatch - tech news 
PCGuide -  
Personal Computer World VNU -  
Portable Design - mobile products 
Presentations -  
Pro/E -  
Publish -  
Publishing Production Exec -  
Publisher (Switzerland) -  
Puget Sound Computer User -  
Redherring - tech business 
Reseller Management -  
Scientific Computing -  
SCO World -  
SemperMac -  
Servlet Central - java 
SIGS Publications - Publisher 
Slashdot -  
Smart Shopper (UK) -  
Soft & Surf (Germany) -  
Software (Poland) -  
Software Developer Publisher -  
Spel for alla (Sweden) -  
STQE Magazine - QA, testing 
SunWorld -  
SysAdmin -  
Systeme (Germany) -  
Systems Integration -  
Teaching K-8 -  
Tech Art -  
TechMall -  
TechWeb -  
TechWeek -  
Tele.Com -  
Unigram.X -  
U.S. Tech -  
VAR Business -  
The View - hardware reviews news 
The View - Lotus Notes/Domino 
Viewz -  
Virtual Reality -  
Virtual Workgroups -  
Visual Developer -  
VNU - Publisher 
Voice+ -  
Web Guide -  
Web Wereld (Netherlands) -  
WebNovice -  
WebSmith -  
WebWeek -  
What Personal Computer -  
Windows 2000 magazine (Italy) -  
Windows CE Magazin (Germany) -  
Windows Expert (idg) -  
WinInfo -  
WinMag -  
WinPlanet -  
WinUser -  
The Xbase Files - Software Development e-zine 
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