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This site is intended to be an on-line help for sharewarists throughout the world. The “shareware” concept has a relatively short history, but now is diffused world-wide as a powerful means to market software (and not only software!). With shareware, the software may go directly from the author to the user, skipping intermediate costs and with the benefits of both better support and a better understanding of a user’s needs. 
It is certainly not simple to sell a shareware product (and if you don’t sell, you can’t spend time making shareware, unless you have someone that feeds you for free ;-) ) On this site you will find links to useful resources, because although you may have a great product, that alone may not be sufficient. 
Creating and marketing software as shareware is an art, and I can guarantee it requires a great deal of hard work, but at the end of the day it certainly gives you satisfaction, so all is worthwhile. 
If you walk in the shareware road, memorize the address of this site: it is continuously updated (all suggestions are welcomed), and the entire content is manually verified. 
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Browse the useful links on the right, and good luck with your shareware...! 
Sincerely yours, Dr. Upload 
>> Have you a shareware related question? Ask Dr.Upload! Yes, I will try to respond personally (when possible) and to list on these pages the most frequently asked questions! << 
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