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(continued) this is a list of Internet sites of some of the most widespread computer magazines: 
D-Lib Magazine - digital library metrics, DARPA 
Data Management Review - business intelligence and data warehousing 
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - extracting info from large DB 
Data Storage - storage devices 
Database Magazine - C*, EContent 
Database Trends - database and business computing managers, from 1979 
Datamation - EarthWeb 
DB2 Magazine - DB2 
DBMS -  
DCC Magazine - for digital content creators 
Design Automation -  
Design Tools Monthly** - for Mac graphic designers 
DEV (Italy) - for programmers 
Digital Imaging -  
Digital Output - business guide for electronic publishers 
Digitrends* - information network of interactive marketers 
Direction Informatique (Canada, français)-  
Directions on Microsoft** - Newsletter about MS 
DM Review - data warehousing 
DominoPower Magazine* - Lotus Domino 
DominoPro* - = 
DOS World -  
Dr. Dobb's Journal - software tools for the professional programmer 
DSstar - data mining, data warehousing, DBs 
DVD Reports - news and info on video industry 
Dynamic Graphics -  
E-Business Advisor Magazine - for business innovators 
E-Commerce in Finance - Internet, smartcards, electronic money in finance 
e-commerce magazin (Germany) - = 
E-Commerce News* - by 
e-gov journal - for electronic government 
eCompany Now - e-commerce, economy 
EContent Magazine (DB magazine) - DB Tech  
EDA Publications - Publisher 
EDI Insider** - for EDI business decision makers 
Editorial Quark (Argentina) - Publisher 
EDN Access - Design (engineers & managers) 
Education Direct (UK) - education, computing, ZD 
Educause Quarterly (Cause/Effect) -  college and university managers, resourcesV 
Educom Review - Info tech on higher education 
EEDesign** - design tools and metodologies 
EE Times* - for engineers and technical managers 
EH Online - home electronics 
EI Journal -  
Eiffel World** - about the Eiffel language 
Electronic Accountant* - for accountants 
Electronic Banker - banking’s information source for systems purchasing 
Electronic Business Buyer -  
Electronic Business - management 
Electronic House - for home electronics 
Electronic News - News and Analysis for the Strategic Decision Maker *? 
Electronic Publishing - prepress printing and publishing tech 
Electronics Now -  
Electronics Weekly (UK) - = 
Emap Publications (UK) - Publisher 
eMarketer* - Internet statistics 
Embedded Systems Programming - microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based systems 
Emedia Professional - electronic media products 
eNewsletter Directory** - newsletters directory 
Engineering Automation Report - newsletter for engineering management 
ENT - = 
Enterprise Communications -  
Enterprise Server Magazine - independent technical info on Windows NT/2000 and .NET 
eRetail.Net** - news and information for Internet Retailers 
Ergonomic News -* - online retail e-commerce  
Exec! - Unisys Executive’s guide to electronic business 
Family PC -  
Faulkner Gray - publisher 
Federal Computer Week - government 
The FontSite - for graphics 
FORM Magazine - for printing entrepreneurs 
From Now On - educational tech journal - Connectis - financial times 
FuturePublishing (UK) - Publisher  
G2 News* - insider news 
Geo Information Systems - GIS, geospatial* - geospatial info 
Global Technology Business - information tech 
Government Computing* - kable net 
GPS World - satellite positioning 
Groupware  (Germany) - lotus, exchange 
Groupware Communications -  e-business strategies for a networked economy 
Handheld PC Magazine - pocket pc 
HDI - High Density Interconnect 
Hjemme PC (Norway) - computers 
Home Office Computing -  
Home PC -  
Home Technology -  
HOW Magazine - for graphic designers 
HP Chronicle - indipendent for HP computer users 
HP World - IT 
I-Way -  
IBM TCdigest  - C* 
Iconocast** - marketing 
ID Systems - supply chain automation solutions 
IDG - Publisher 
IDG WebWereld (nl) - Internet 
IEEE Magazines - iEEE 
iMacworld - = 
Indian CompuTrade News - computers 
The Industry Standard - Internet economy 
Info Press -   
Information Age (Australia) - IT trends 
InfoStor Magazine - enterprise storage professional 
The Inside Line - electronics oem 
InTech - measurement and control 
Intelligence** - newsletter on computing 
Intelligent Software Strategies** - advanced sys development 
Intelligent Systems Report (ISR) - artificial intelligence, expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, virtual reality, interactive multimedia and speech recognition 
Inter.Net (Italy) - computers 
InterActivity -  
Internet Advisor (UK) - for new Internet users 
Internet Application Developer - Java developement on Oracle 
Internet Intern* (Germany) - computer news 
Internet Magazine (UK) - computers and Internet 
Internet News - Internet business news and stock reports 
Internet News (Italy) - computers and Internet 
Internet Product Watch* - Hardware and Software reviews 
Internet Professionell (Germany) - computers and Internet 
Internet Resources Newsletter** - for academics, students, engineers, scientists & social scientists 
Internet Week - for Internet-driven enterprises CMP 
Internet World - e-business and Internet technology 
Internet.Works -  
Internetguiden (Sweden) - computers and Internet 
Internetworld (Sweden) - computers and Interent 
Inter@ctive Week Online - Intranet, Internet, Extranet, WWW 
Intranet Design Magazine* - Intranet, Internet, Extranet, WWW 
The Intranet Journal* - for the corporate enterprise 
InxUtil* - Informix 
Io Programmo (Italy) - for programmers 
ISP Business News* - for business servings ISPs 
IT-Business (Germany) - for IT resellers 
IT-Journal (Germany) - for IT managers 
IT Asia - = 
IT Director* (UK) - research, news and analysis for IT directors 
IT Malaysia - business technology 
IT Manager's Journal* - = Andover 
IT Media in Japan* - by Fujitsu - J 
IT Metrics Strategies* - measurement of software and processes and their business value 
IT Recruiter - for technical recruiters 
IT Support News - IT for business 
IT Week (UK) - for the connected enterprise - ZD 
IT World Canada - Publisher* - for high incomes IT sales professional 
iX (Germany) - for IT professionals 
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